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Quality Healthcare doesn't have to come at a premium. At Clineva, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the marketplace. We want you to clearly understand all the costs of your visit - even before you incur them. You will always find our rates clearly posted and our staff happy to help you understand the costs.

$ 100 /visit

We accept cash payments, and our prices are affordable.

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'Out of network' or Cash Pay Pricing

Service Service Details   ClinevaCash Price Insurance Additional Notes
Routine Visit     $100 Co-Pay or Deductible Examples: medication refill, rash, cough, cold, UTI, etc.
Video Visit     $50 Covered by select insurance plans ---
Well Woman Exam Review Medical History
Physical Exam w/Pelvic Exam
Pap Smear (Thin Prep)
Fasting Labs: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid
Flu Shot
  $200 Co-Pay or Deductible Price does not include Labs. Additional testing such as EKG, Vaginal Cultures, HPV screen and more are extra.
Well Man Exam Review Medical History
Physical Exam
Fasting Labs: CBC, CMP, Lipid
Flu Shot
  $150 Co-Pay or Deductible Price does not include Labs. Additional testing such as EKG, PSA and more are extra.
Well Child Exam Review Medical History
Physical Exam
Immunization Review
Hemoglobin, Vision, Hearing
Flu Shot
  $150 Co-Pay or Deductible Price includes Labs. Additional testing is extra.
Physicals DOT Physicals
Sports Physical
Co-Pay or Deductible Sports Exam: Sports Exams can be part of a complete Well Child Exam. Most insurances cover one Well Child Exam per year. If your child has had a Well Child Exam within one year, the Sports Exam is free.
Ear-Nose-Throat Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal
Foreign Body Removal
Nose Bleed - Packing
Co-Pay or Deductible ---
X-ray     $50 Co-Pay or Deductible


Interpretation Services     $20 per visit ---

Clineva is in network for most insurance plans. Please note that Clineva does not accept Medicaid.

Clineva makes every attempt to verify a patient's insurance benefits prior to the end of their visit. If an insurance company is unable to verify benefits, Clineva will collect the full amount of the visit at checkout and issue a refund if necessary.

Prescriptions, Lab Tests, Vaccinations & Medical Equipment

Prescription Medications

Clineva Urgent Care Centers have many over-the-counter and prescription medicines in stock.
Antibiotics Antifungals
Antivirals Antidepressants
Anti-anxiety meds Cardiovascular medicines
Cough medicines Pain medicines (non-narcotic)
Muscle relaxers Anti-inflammatories

Lab Tests & Diagnostics

Strep, flu, urine, pregnancy tests, and more. Prices do not include the cost of an office visit.
COVID-19 RT-PCR (30min): $250
COVID-19 Antigen (15min): $140
EKG: $80
Strep Test: $20
Urine Test (Basic): $20
Mono (Mononucleosis): $20
TB (+ Read)/Two-Step(Tuberculosis): $50/$70
Pregnancy Test: $20
Influenza A & B (a combined test): $40
Urine Drug Screening (6 Panel/10 Panel): $40
Ulcer (H. Pylori): $20
Glucose Testing: $20
Nebulizer Treatment: $20
Blood draw and Lab transfer: $30

Medications, Vaccinations and Injectables

Flu shots, tetanus, hepatitis B, toradol, and more.

These items are charged in addition to the cost of your visit. If a vaccination only requires a "pit-stop" visit, you only pay for the vaccination.

Flu shots $25
TD (Tetanus, diphtheria booster) $70
Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis booster) $70
Kenalog $50
Epinephrine $100
Phenergan $50
Toradol $50
Ceftriaxone $60
Diphenylhydramine $50
Depo-Provera $90
Ondansetron (Zofran) $20
Dexamethasone Injection $20
Azithromycin $10
IV Hydration $100
*Insured patients subject to contract price.  

Medical Equipment

Braces, splints, slings and things.

Prices do not include the cost of an office visit.

Any Fiberglass Splints $130

Arm, Hand & Neck
Comfort Sling $20
Comfort Wrist Support $30
Elastic Wrist Support $30
Shoulder Immobilizer $30
Splint: Aluminum $20
Splint: Frog Pad $5
Splint: Stax $20
Splint: Spica $40
Cervical Collar $40

Leg & Foot
Ankle Stabilizer $30
Cam-Walker Boot $120
Crutches $200
Hinged Knee Brace $80
Open Patella Knee Brace $20
Post Op Shoe $20