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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently in-network for most major carriers. However, if we do not accept your preferred carrier, we will bill them as out-of-network providers, or we will offer you a significant cash discount. For those that do not have insurance or choose to pay cash, we offer a Prompt Pay discount payment menu. You can check on this website whether we are in network with your insurance by clicking on this link to check your insurance status and type in your insurance name and select your desired location.
We accept cash, checks, credit or debit card.
Your copay depends on your insurance coverage. You can contact your insurance company to get the exact cost by calling the number on the back of your card.
We can perform some limited blood work including check kidney function, red blood cell count and electrolytes. We have urine studies, swabs for strep, flu and mono and full digital X-ray capabilities.
You may be evaluated by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. All of the clinicians at Clineva Urgent Care have many years of Urgent Care or Emergency Department experience in area hospitals.
You may be evaluated by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. All of the clinicians at Clineva Urgent Care have many years of Urgent Care or Emergency Department experience in area hospitals.
Our experienced providers can treat just about any injury or sickness. From suturing severe lacerations to setting bone fractures. We offer IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication in oral and injectable form. Clineva can provide most treatments that are found in today’s Emergency Departments
Yes! During flu season, we offer flu shots on a walk-in basis, while supplies last. The vaccine is covered by most insurance plans. Alternatively, if you prefer not to bill insurance, the out-of-pocket cost is $40. Please check with your insurance provider if you have questions concerning your coverage.
At Clineva, we do everything we can to provide you with safe and effective health care. When it comes to controlled substances, this means that we prescribe a medication only after discussing the desired benefits and possible harms with you and deciding together if it's the right approach. This will depend on your individual health history and preferences. We’re here to be your partner and strongest health advocate.
You can view a summary of each visit when you’re logged into the Clineva website. Once logged into your account, you can find all your Care Summaries in the document section.
Yes! If you opted into receiving automatic results notifications during your reservation registration, you will receive automatic notifcations either via email or text. Otherwise, Clineva will make a best effort to contact you when your results are ready.
We welcome walk-in patients at all time but also encourage our patients to make reservations through our website or by calling (844) 254-6382 whenever possible. We pride ourselves in having very little wait time, but there could be some waiting in our luxurious lounge if you walk-in.
If you don’t have your insurance card or information when you come into Clineva, you may use our Self Pay Program and pay for your care. If you provide us with your insurance information within 48 hours and we are in network with your insurance, we will process a refund for any balance owed to you after your insurance has paid.
Payment in full is due at the time of service. We accept cash, credit card, check or debit card. With our Self Pay Program, Clineva services are affordable for those without insurance.
When we bill your insurance for an auto accident or injury on the job, we bill one primary insurance source (not multiple sources). You are ultimately responsible for the balance of any charges not covered by the primary insurance source.
Even if you have health insurance you may have a balance due after your insurance company processes your claim. If we are in-network with your health plan, this may be due to an unmet deductible or the amount your health plan has determined to be your responsibility. If we are not in your health plan’s network (out of network) these amounts may be higher. Also, any services that your insurance company does not cover may be billed to you. Contact your insurance company before coming in, or click on this link to find out whether Clineva is in or out of network for your plan.
While Clineva has on-site labs there are some specialized tests and screenings we don‘t perform in-house. For this type of testing, your sample will be sent to an outside lab for processing and the lab will bill you directly. If you are insured and your insurance is in network, you will not pay Clineva for any lab services performed by an outside lab, but the lab will bill your insurance directly.
Please call our billing department at (844) 254-6382 during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm, or send an email to billing@clineva.com anytime. Our turnaround time for billing related inquiries is usually within the same business day.
Rapid RT-PCR Test (30mins)$250
Rapid AntiGen Test (15mins)$140
PCR Test (5-7days)$140 (may be submitted to insurance)

We offer 3 tests:

Rapid PCR Test: This test is a nasal swab. This test is processed in-house with advanced PCR technology and you will receive your results within 30 minutes.

Rapid AntiGen Test: This test is a nasal swab. We run this test in our internal laboratory and you will receive results within 15 minutes.

Lab-based PCR Test: This test is also a nasal swab, however, this test will be sent out to our partner laboratory and you will receive results within 5-7 business days.

Once we receive your results and you have access to your Clineva Portal (Log In) you will be notified either via phone call, text, or email (depending on your account settings) and you can then retrieve your results online.

To schedule a test appointment, please go to www.clineva.com (our front page) and type in: 'Covid-19 Testing' in the symptoms list and select your insurance.

The system will recognize your appointment type and schedule a Curbside visit for you. Select the location and time you prefer and go through the steps to register. Please complete all steps as you registration will not be complete without:

  • Your completed registration profile
  • Your Credit Card on File
  • Signed Consent Form
  • Signed HIPAA Form

Once your reservation is complete, drive up to our location at the selected time and dial: (844) 254-6382 and let us know that you've arrived.

Our friendly staff will approach your car, check your identity, and swab your nostril.

There is currently no recommendation for repetitive COVID-19 viral testing of the general public. There may be individual circumstances that would lead to retesting for COVID-19 including, but not limited to, testing negative or seeing worsening symptoms. It is always best to discuss your individual testing needs with a clinician.

Have more questions? Chat with us or contact us directly:

Your Visit

What To Bring With You

Photo Identification

Adult patients and adults who accompany patients under age 18 must have photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, employment badge, or student identification card.

Proof of Guardianship

Adults who accompany patients under age 18 must provide proof of guardianship. Accompanying adults who are not parents or legal guardians must have a notarized statement signed by the parent or guardian that authorizes treatment.

Proof of Insurance

If you plan to pay for a non-work-related injury or illness with insurance or if the patient is a minor, please bring proof of insurance.

Medical History

Bring information about the patient’s past surgeries and medical conditions as well as a list of patient's allergies, current prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

When you check in, our friendly staff will help you register. You can fill out our forms onsite, or download and fill them out before your visit. If you don't feel like unnecessarily waiting in our comfortable waiting rooms, print, fill out and sign the forms below and present them to our friendly staff for a speedy check-in.

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Appointments and Walk-ins Welcome

Clineva Urgent Care is a state of the art urgent care practice that offers very competitive prices. Our facilities feature modern equipment and diagnostic tools in a spa-like environment that is clean and comfortable.

Clineva Urgent Care knows how busy you are, so we offer a wide variety of services for children and adults all under one roof. We can treat everything from common illnesses to injuries, as well as provide employment or school physicals.

We offer extended weekday and weekend hours. Appointments are encouraged but not necessary. We accept walk-ins any time. We might have an appointment open now, call or book online.

Our team of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners have years of Urgent Care and ER experience. Our mission is high quality care and high quality service.

"Friendly, clean, quick and absolutely wonderful care! Really gives you a better outlook on healthcare!"

A Higher Standard of Quality Care

Clineva Urgent Care achieved the highest level of distinction in urgent care; the UCAOA Accreditation. Currently, there are only 2 Urgent Care facilities in Southern California that are accredited by UCAOA.